Removing the /?v=XXXXXXXX at the end of URLs


I’m testing a self-hosted version of matomo, and it started appending /?v=XXXXXXX at the end of the URL. I’m not able to find the setting to disable that.

Can someone help? Is this required for tracking?



I have no idea why you would see it. Do you only see ?v= in the Matomo overview or even when visiting the website yourself?

The only way I can think of where Matomo modifies links and when enableCrossDomainLinking is enabled in the tracking code. But then Matomo calls the parameter ?pk_vid.

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Thanks, I’ve tracked the issue down. I would see that on practically every url on my site. It wasn’t matomo related. It was a setting in Woocommerce “geolocalize users with cache support”.

Thanks for the help.

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