Removing old files that are not needed

Thank you for your response. By which file to you mean? Which directory would the custom logos, geoip databases, misc and marketplace plugins be be in? I could back them up. Why didn’t the above mentioned directory get recreated when I installed the update ( I believe?


logos and geoip databases are in misc/, marketplace plugins each have a directory in plugins/

I am referring to the file, it should already contain all directories (pay attention to unzip it in the correct parent dir)

thanks for the help…

Started removing old files manually then got this as refreshing files to remove list.

This page isn’t working right now can’t currently handle this request.


Was removing files on the list to remove. Installed latest upgrade still not working.


Without more information it is hard to guess.

Whenever you get a server error, check the webserver error log to see what exactly goes wrong.

Is the current directory Public_html/piwik or public_html/matomo?

This is something only the host of your webserver can answer. But if it is a Linux server, then paths are case sensitive (on Windows they are in-sensitive)

Am I supposed to be using files under the piwik directory or the matomo directory?

The only contains a matomo directory

Does that replace the piwik directory I have been using?

If that directory is called piwik for you now, then leave it as that (as changing it would change the URL) and just put the content of the matomo directory there

ok is there a current update available?

Yes, there is a on but it contains the same files as the Matomo one with just the directory name renamed.

I see what is going on now I am still using the piwik directory for all my files and updates. Is this still OK or should I transition to the matomo directory for future compatibility?


The name of the directory is just something on your end. You could e.g. also rename the directory to something else or point a subdomain to this directory.

OK I understand but my question is will or what ever the new build is still be available long term?

3.14.0 is currently the latest stable version, but you can find all versions ever released on

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This has been resolved the confusion is that I still have piwik as my main directory instead of Matomo so the new download was not replacing files under piwik. I downloaded the latest piwik update and it worked fine. Thank you.

I see what is going on now I am still using the piwik directory for all my files and updates.