Remove my IP address from tracking - using WP-Piwik plugin

I would like to remove my own IP address or not include my own IP address in the website statistics. I can’t find in the settings where I can do this in a straightforward way.
I am using the WP-Piwik plugin and settings menu I can access is:
Connect to Piwik
Show Statistics
Enable Tracking
Expert Settings


Hi, you can do this from the website settings inside of piwik (not the wp-piwik plugin)

Thank you Lukas.
Would this mean creating a new account on the piwik website?


You just need to log into your existing piwik instance (where you are sending the data to)

Then you can change the settings there in Administration ->Websites -> Manage


This didn’t work for me but thanks anyway.

What did you do so it didn’t work?