Remove limit on tracking only 100 visits/user

How do I remove the limit to only track the last 100 visits for any visitor?

I read the FAQ on raising limits but that doesn’t reference number of visits and don’t see a ref to visits in the config.ini.php file./

I use PiWik on a private WP site so number of visitors in low, but I want to track all their visits (1,000+).

Would really appreciate an solution for this.

Any guidance would be appreciated. I have searched and searched and looked at the FAQ on removing limits - there’s no reference there to removing the limit on tracking more than 100 visits by a user. Nor is there any reference tin the config file.

Was going through the forum questions and noticed this. Curious to know if there is such a limit. Not sure if I understood your qn well - You mean piwik tracks/reports only last 100 visits for a user ?

If you go to visitor log (segmented by any userid), bottom right corner you can see a dropdown where you can select number of rows to view. Is it set to 100 ?


Thanks for jumping in arunvishhnun… To clarify, I’m referring to the individual user profile view (hover over a user in the visitor log, then click "view visitor profile’). This report is the one that is limited to just the latest 100 visits. This limit affects all the data for a user profile - date of 1st visit, page views, goals, etc. I couldn’t see anything in the FAQ entry on removing limits related to ‘visitor profile’, so I’m not sure where/how I can increase or remove this limit.


Inside htdocs\plugins\Live\API.php, look for below line:


Try changing this value to what ever you want.

Hope this works.

Note: I dont know why piwik has not kept this value configurable thru config files. I assume there could be a reason for this.
I am just a piwik user like you, so dont take this as the best answer. You might need to try out and see if this really works.


Thanks for the suggestion Arun! I’ll speak to my IT support and see what he thinks about editing the API file before I try implementing.

Would be wonderful to hear something from PiWik about this too!