Remote server, custom port, no statistics

(vidkun) #1

I have piwik installed on a local server monitoring websites hosted on remote servers. I got the tracking code inserted into the footer of sites. The piwik server is locally running on port 80 as normal, and the firewall translates a request to my ip at port 88 to a request on port 80 to that server.

I can hit the web interface remotely just fine by going to my ip:88/piwik. I can login and look at everything. I made sure that the tracking code had the links set to my ip:88/piwik as well. However, it has been a few days and there are still no statistics for my sites at all. Any ideas what might cause this or how to set this up properly? Thanks

(vipsoft) #2

Usually, this is a problem with the tracking code.

Send me a pm with one of your site urls and I’ll take a look.