Reimported data show 0 visitors in last week of a month

We had to reimport some data due to dublicated logging. So I removed the data, reimported it and run the archive function. The data from that timeframe however shows weird results for the last week of a month. It says visitors every day, but the last week of a month (which also crosses another month) shows 0 visitors. The monthly view seem to include the data properly per week, as the number is higher as the accumulated weeks (and roughtly matches with the expected value 3/4.5 weeks shown = 3 weeks * 1.5). Months outside the import period do not seem to have that issue.

So only the weekly view for the last week of a month shows this weirdly 0 visitors. Anything else seems to be fine.

We are running v3.14.1. For cleanup we ran “console core:delete-logs-data”, “console core:invalidate-report-data”, “console cache:clear”, “console core:archive”. I have the feeling there might be a connection to that bug and these commands.

Any idea what we can do to fix that issue or some reference to a related bug?