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Hello, i would like to allow users to create their account in my piwik installation to use it as we use google analytics.

How I can do?

See the Signup plugin

i have the same problem. i see the login plugin but i can’t see any function for this

Yes, the plugin for logging I see myself, but I can not find the function :S

There should be a link “register” below the login form. You could link directly to the page from your website.

Pardon my ignorance, but I do not see that link anywhere you speak. My login has only two bonds to recover a password and the other toward page

Perdonad mi ignorancia, pero no veo por ningún lado ese enlace del que hablas. Mi login tiene solo dos enlaces uno a la recuperación de contraseña y el otro hacia la pagina de

did you enable the signup plugin ?

if yes please post a comment on the signup plugin ticket directly so the developer can help you

lol…I’m definitely sick in the head;). Where is the signup plugin, how i can download it? i search on google but i only found signup pachtes but no the plugin.
I found this page Piwik as a self serve hosted web analytics solution · Issue #1148 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub but the plugin dosent works