Region and City not ordered

In visitors -> geographic situation,

In the graphic, by default, the cities and the regions are not listed in order from biggest to smallest according to visitors numbers.

FYI, this issue is still present in 1.9.2

Did you click on the word “Visits” at the top of the third column?
(I’m assuming you did, but just have to ask to avoid an improper assumption.)
And which icon in the lower left corner of the widget do you have activated?

I’m talking about the default order.

If I click on UNIQUE VISITOR it orders properly.

It’s just that by my point of view, if por default it can order the value, it should be nice :slight_smile:

Exemple of what i get by default :

 Ile-de-France, France	 132
 Inconnu	 93
 Quebec, Canada	 84
 Rhone-Alpes, France	 58
 Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur, France	 38
 Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France	 23
 Bretagne, France	 12
 Centre, France	 17
 Languedoc-Roussillon, France	 24
 Pays de la Loire, France	 22

The last 3 are not in the correct place.

By the way, you can see it on the online demo.

Select 10 rows and right now you will see Ontario, Canada 10 on line #6 and Hessen, Germany 18 on line #7

Same for cities. Without changing the number of rows, right now on the online demo you can see Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany 11 on row #4 and London, London, City of, United Kingdom 14 on row #5

Thanks for the report, please create a ticket in we’ll fix it

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