Reg Piwik authentication

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Our requirement is as follows
1)bypass piwik authentication and use our custom authentication (the reason being we have to integrate piwik app within our app-iframe include). Our application would drop a user cookie and upon its expiry, when user clicks any of the chart , user should be directed to our custom login page
2)we are aware that piwik authenticates, sets following info in cookie login/authtoken and also checks for its expiry
3)also we want our authentication to be a separate module from re usability perspective. We don’t want our auth code to go in to controller.php/index.php. The reason being if piwik were to be upgraded the code has to be retyped, as well as other projects would like to reuse our auth module

Please point us to the right direction to address the requirements stated above. We are completely new to Piwik style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/rolleyes.gif


(vipsoft) #2

Take a look at the the HTTP_AUTH and LDAP authentication plugins.[/url] and [url=]

(timwood) #3

Is there any reason either of these modules wouldn’t work with the current version? I’d like to try the HTTP_AUTH plugin as I’ve already got Apache HTTP Authentication (connected to LDAP) in front of Piwik, so this would be the best option for us. I tried to download and untar the plugin from…uthLogin.tar.gz but there was no instructions and when I installed it I started getting errors in Piwik. Any reason why something like this wasn’t included with Piwik?


(Matthieu Aubry) #4

please post the exact errors in the related ticket, and the plugin dev or other users might help.

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