Referrers of the users which read my article

Hi, im new here, and new to Matomo. Hope this is the right forum, otherwise would be great if this thread could be moved. I also couldnt find the question with search yet.

I have a magazine, and one article which has 8.000 views in 2 days. I now want to find out, where these users came from, if its from social media, or another website, or whatever. How could i find this out? I would love to see where all this traffic came from, its extraordinary.

Any help is very much appreciated, thanks, flo :slight_smile:

Maybe you’re interested in Referrer reports. The link brings you to the module’s demo,

thank you Tassoman, checking this out. I basically need a referrer report for single URLs. Hope that will work via this report? thank you for taking care :slight_smile:

For a granular information on referring url for a limited sector of your website, I bet you could build segments. Or maybe you can be interested on building Tracking Campaigns.