Referrer: Link to Piwik session for other tracked sites

I’m not sure if this was suggested before since I didn’t quite know what to search for.

My request is best explained with an example:
I use Piwik to manage several websites which all link to each other, let’s call them Website A and Website B.
A user visits Website A, navigates around and then clicks a link to Website B where he also navigates around.

When I see that user in the Visitor Log of Website B I can see that he comes from Website A but I have no way to quickly find the Log of that session. I have to look for it manually.

So it would be great if Piwik would analyse the referrer and - if there is a tracked website with that URL - add a link to the specific session, a bit like for returning visitors. I would think it wouldn’t be that difficult to do if it’s the same Piwik installation.