[Referer] looking for landing page by referer


I have made some search on the site / forum and on piwik, but i didn’t find any answer.

I know I have the URL of the referer [from where they come]
I know I have the URL of the first page [where they arrive]
but i don’t find the stats linking these informations.

The stats of the site or URL from where they come WITH the URL in my site where they arrive.

Have someone some informations to where i can find (or not) these stats ?

Thanl You


There’s an EntryPage plugin, but the plugin reportedly isn’t compatible with the latest Piwik release.

Thank you,

I hope it will be fixed one day.

I finally download it and try to fixed it.

See Plugin EntryPage - shows where your visitors hit your site and from where they came · Issue #732 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub for modified version.

The plugin need more test, but apparently works on my local