Referal Websites by PageTitle

Hi, I finally integrated Piwik with my application in order to provide some sort of analytics to my end users. I am not using the widgets, but instead I am running API calls behind the scene and then rendering the list of results to the view or (later) show some charts, too.

However, a basic feature that I want to support but can’t get it working yet, is the following:

I have content that user can submit to the application and then embed a widget in their web page. Every time this happens I track the following custom page view:

piwikTracker.trackPageView(‘event/embed/<?= $model->id ?>’);

Where model id is the content ID.

Now, what I want to get is a list of Referer Websites using API method Referers.getWebsites by segmenting it with a given pageTitle, for example “event/embed/100”.

The URL I am using is formatted as:


But for any reason I am getting empty results as soon as I add the segment part. So, at a glance seems I can’t get the desired output. If I don’t use the segment part then I get the list of global referer websites.

What I am doing wrong?

Ok. Seems I am able to get the desired outcome now.

Finally, I used the following parameters/values:


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