Redirect Error after Update

(DA0) #1

I was updating to the actual version of Piwik. When I log in I’m getting redirectet to the dashboard:

But this ends in an error:

[quote=Firefox]Fehler: Umleitungsfehler[/quote]

(Error: Redirection)

I’ve no idea what’s the reason for this.

Can anybody help?

(stonefield) #2

It’s the same problem here.

Even with a new install of version 0.5 I got this error. I updated another install of piwik without this problem.

They both run an the same hosted webspace and the only difference is that the one which works runs on MySQL5 and the one the fails on MySQL4.

Maybe this is a hint.

(vipsoft) #3

why is period= missing a value?

can you check your global.ini.php was updated?

(stonefield) #4

Thank you for that tip. In fact I forgot to update the global.ini.php.