Recurring users is always zero, when using Tracking HTTP API

we are trying to move away from Google Analytics, where we are using the HTTP API from mobile devices. We have a plain 2.15.0 installation with IP2Location enabled and DNT disabled.

We are passing _id and, for logged users, uid. In the visitors log, we can see that a user with the same ID is tracked for multiple visits in different days.

However, when we look at the Visitors->Engagement report, it always shows “0 returning visits”.

An example of an HTTP Tracking request is:


Any idea? Are we missing something?



Hi @fabricapo

To have Piwik count your visit as a “Returning Visitor” you can either:

  • set either _idvc to greater than one,
  • or set _viewts to a date older than 24 hours ago

Hi Matthieu,
thanks for your feedback.

If I understand correctly, you are asking the client side to remember if this is the first visit or not, when it should be pretty clear in the analytics DB that the user has already been tracked, since there are two rows in the database (at least, in piwik_log_visit with the same idvisitor).

Am I missing something? We can implement it on the client side, if we have to, but I would prefer to avoid it if possible.

BTW, we are moving out of Google Analytics because we have over 117M hits per month, so it is a sizable deployment :wink: