Recording my own visits

Hi there, new to me, and although I love this, I am still getting my own hits, despite having entered all the info to stop my own hits, does anyone know what I am doing wrong please. thank you.

“entered all the info to stop my own hits”. Can you please describe what you have done already?
There are the following possibilities that come to my mind:

  1. Exclude your IP address (if you have a static one, like in a company) in Administration → Measurables → Manage → Edit your site → Excluded IPs.
  2. Opt-out of tracking: Administration → Privacy → Users opt-out
  3. Use an ad blocker and block calling the script matomo.js/piwik.js from your Matomo installation.
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Hi chris… I think I have sorted it thanks, it has a facility to ignore your browser, thank you for replying, this is a great software.