Record individual IPs

(ovid688) #1

Hey guys,

I want to start in a similar vein and say just how wonderful Piwik is; you’ve all done a fantastic job in building this analytics software, and it’s just splendid.

That said, I was wondering if there were any plugins or functionality pieces I was missing to record individual IP addresses. The location information, i.e. zip code, not just city like GeoIP gives, is central to my company’s ability to construct a profile of people accessing the website to take to advertisers.

Any suggestions or ideas?

All the best,

(vipsoft) #2

IP addresses are stored in the database. If you’re satisified with the limited accuracy/reliability of IP to zip code geolocation, you can use MySQL queries to access the IP addresses. For example:

SELECT DISTINCT inet_ntoa(location_ip) INTO OUTFILE '/tmp/ip.txt' FROM piwik_log_visit;