Recognize if archiving was done or not


Is there a way to recognize if archiving was done or not?

Background of my question is that after upgrading to piwik 2.10.0 archiving seems to run ( at least I cant trigger error messages) but the output it produces is empty.
I use this method
as explained in the user guide and it worked fine until 2.9.1
Now it seems to still run, but the output is empty. I can reproduce it on my local machine with a new piwik install.
Running it locally on my machine via commandline works fine, so I assume there is a problem with outputting the data.

Thanks for help.

Thank you for reporting this, this is a bug in the logging only, the archiving should be running fine even though there is no output (errors would actually show up in the output).

I have created a ticket on Github and fixed this for the next release (2.11).

By the way if you have enabled file logging in your configuration, the output of the archiver should be logged in the log file.

Thanks very much.