Recalulate data for goal graph


When I convert a goal, I see it immediately in the “Visitor Log”, but it takes a while to show up in the “Goals > [Goal Name]” graph. I believe the data for the goal graph is periodically recalculated. How can I control the time it takes to recalculate the data for the goal graph? Is there a setting in the config file for that? I’d like to see the goal graph updated as soon as possible.


Bump, I’d like very much to know this, too.

Goto the Settings page in Matomo (Gears icon top right),
the under System > General Settings
look for
" Archive reports at most every X seconds "
and set that to a value you’d like. It will change the time-to-live of any report = configure when a cached report is replaced by a newly created one.
Hope that helps :slight_smile: