Rebuilding piwik interface pages with api calls?

For integration most of the statistics without opening anonymous access to the stats I would be interested in rebuilding some of the piwik pages in my application while using the api for retrieving the data in the backend. The data is shown inside a control panel for the application user and shouldn’t be public. Giving the user full access to piwik is also not as easy right now with the lack of separate templates and the like. Yeah, I know, not 1.0 yet but I would like to use it already :-).
Did anyone do something like that yet?
Is there a better solution to the problem?



You mean what the AIR-based desktop apps, iphone and android mobile apps do?

if you like, you can manually add the token_auth parameter in the widget URLs, so you don’t need to allow anonymous to access all your stats. However, if the URLs with token_auth are public, this is dangerous as anyone could use your token_auth to access the stats, so you can only do this if your users are browsing a private/pwd protected section of your app.

This method only works if you want to view individual widgets - it doesn’t work for viewing the Dashboard widget as there’s no “normal” public API as there is for individual widgets. You need to call the widget directly (as opposed to through the API plugin via …module=API&method=Plugin.Function) which doesn’t support token_auth authentication to my knowledge.

If you want access to the dashboard widget I may be able to advise further as I’ve recently done something similar.

@vipsoft: well, I’m talking about a php application but I want the stats embedded there while retaining most of the piwik ui’s features.

@matt: yeah, but the users could disclose token_auth parameter that way. I would want to just use the user’s session to verify access permissions so there’s nothing to disclose

@c3chong: that would be awesome!