Rearrange columns in widgets (table w/more metrics mode)


Hi Friends,
I’m posting as a feature request because I can’t find any way to do this. But maybe you can move this topic if it turns out there is already a way to do it. Also, there are 2 or 3 problems which I think rearranging the columns would help with. Perhaps they are bugs, but someone with much more technical knowledge than me, would have to make that call.

I use the “table with more metrics” option for most of the widgets on my dashboard. Currently, the columns are arranged Visits, Unique Visitors, Actions, Actions per Visit, Avg Time on Website, Bounce Rate, Conversion Rate.

When the widget is on the dashboard (not maximized), only the first 2 or 3 or maybe 4 columns are visible. Using the Referrer Websites widget as an example, if I click on one of the referring websites, to see which pages referred the visitor, and if the URL of a referring page is very long, it stretches the table. Sometimes I can’t even see past the first column.

That’s 1 reason I’d like to be able to rearrange the columns (the stretching of the table according to the length of the URL).

Sometimes, I’m more interested in Unique Visitors, so if that column was first, I wouldn’t have to maximize the widget to see it. Other times, I’m more interested in Time on Website. But I virtually always have to maximize the widget to see that. So the 2nd reason I’d like to be able to rearrange the columns, is so that in the months I’m more interested in a certain column, I can move it to be the 1st column. When the time comes that I want to see more the Time on Website, I could move it to be the 1st column.

And I realize that I can maximize the widget. Most of the time, maximizing it does allow me to see all the columns. But not always. Sometimes, if there’s a long URL, I have to manually stretch the max’d window, to see all the columns. And even then, sometimes I can’t see all of the columns, no matter how big I manually stretch it.

Curiously (and this is the 3rd problem) if I click in the…well I’m not sure what to call it – I’ll make screenshots. Attached is pitab1.png which shows the stretched table (stretched by URL) in maximized view. If I click once, anywhere in the pink rectangle, the window changes so that more columns are visible. But still, not all, as you can see in pitab2.png.

And 1 last reason that rearranging the columns could be helpful, is that some columns I don’t care about at all (at least not currently). So I could remove them, or at least put them last on the right, where I can’t usually see them anyway.

By the way, this is on Win7, 64-bit with Firefox current. Idk if it matters, but I think the server is Linux. And it’s Piwik version 2.3.0.

Thanks for listening :slight_smile: