Rearchive data - with own Domains

(RonnyGey) #1

The value

Visitors - Overview -Visits have bounced(left the site after one page)
is to high, so i looked into
Actions - Outlinks
and see many of our own Domains…

So i have to recalculate/rearchive the data,
with a list of our domains to correct whats outbound and whats internal.

I have looked into the piwik database structure and suggest that if i am right,
i could correct the flag that means “outbound”.

I can not use the javascript part to config all the domains as internal.
Too much domains.

The user comes to server with domainA,
walks via link on same server over domainB…
thats tracked as OUTLINK, ok.
Is it only an OUTLINK or is a new User/Session created too?
If its only an outlink i could change flag in database that means “outlink”.
I would be able to write a script and check and correct the data and then rearchive the data.

And at the end the counter "Visits have bounced(left the site after one page)"
would/should be smaller…

table: piwik_log_visit
one row for each visit,
entry page at col visit_entry_idaction
exit page at col visit_exit_idaction
referer_type 1-means?, 2-means?, 3-means? outlink-meaning?
referer_name When is it filled? outlink-meaning?

table: piwik_log_action
col type 1-means?, 2-means?, 3-means? outlink-meaning?

table: piwik_log_link_visit_action
tracks the single pages during the visit
for each id_visit sorted by idlink_va we have idaction-the requested page and idaction_ref the refered page.
but this tables has no outlink-information

Please give me a hint.