Realtime map point size

I’ve been using matomo for few years now and I love it !
I’m not sure whether I missed the place where I can set that or if it’s just not possible, but I find the point size on the realtime map way too big to see anything (I’m having more than 100 users every day, most of them from france and the view is messy when points are so big)


So I changed them directly in realtime-map.js ( line 661 and 662 : minRad and maxRad ) and it’s been working well, but everytime there is an update, I have to do it again. And since there are often new updates, I wonder if there is a better way to do this :slight_smile: Or at least retain some override config somewhere.

Thank you !

I think you’ll have to create your own plugin:
Then don’t hesitate to provide it to the community :wink:

Well it would be a bit overkill to create a whole new plugin just to remember 2 values… so there is no way to keep some external parameters through updates ?

(also : are you friend of Matthew ? :slight_smile: )

The other solution: ask for a new feature request: