Real-Time Widget Bug

(Bernard St-Pierre) #1

I would like to report a Bug in the Live Widget in which after some random time, the heading info disappears. I attached 2 screen shots, the OK view and then when the bug occurs. A click on Dashboard will refresh everything perfectly again.


(Bernard St-Pierre) #2

Well I guess… who cares? Not even the developer?..I don’t even know why I waste my time posting here trying to be helpful :frowning:


(Matthieu Aubry) #3

Can you send me the login details to the piwik ? I am not able to replicate locally. Do you use 1.6 ?

(Bernard St-Pierre) #4

Yes, V1.6 indeed. I can’t replicate it either, it just happens randomly. Any idea what could provoke this? If this issue doesn’t come up with anyone, then it wouldn’t be Piwik, perhaps browser, I’ll try different browsers…