Real time vists/visitors only

Hi! Just have started to play with Piwik. Real time visitors board at the moment contains 6 visits of four visitors, while Visitors dashboard still shows nothing. What have I missed?

Probably I must to elaborate the use case. Piwik is inserted into SPA, and at some js points there are




calls. Last ones successfully shown on the real time visits board, but it’s the only place having some signs of visits.

And a little accompanying question. It seems a browser used to access Piwik User (that is to administrate, view reports, and so on) is ignored as visitor. Can it limitation be turned off?

I have found an answer to the second accompanying question: “do not track” just is respecting for the browser in question :slight_smile:
The first and the main question is still undiscovered…

Ugh… Admin has turned archiving off on installing. Grrr… Excuse me, please, for noise. Have not found a way to remove a topic.

Hi buddies …

I am not sure I get clearly the issue. Do you mean that the geographical map reporting the past visits is deactivated ?
I have been receiving the following message in that plug-in : “no data available for this report”.

In case, I wish to understand what is this issue. I upgraded to 2.13.2.

I mean our Piwik server administrator turned auto-archiving option off with further intention to add archiving to cron. So I have saw real time information only - I guess it is pulling from visitors log. After turning archiving on (that is “Allow Piwik archiving to trigger when reports are viewed from the browser” ) all is OK now.