Real time report not updating

Hi all,
I noticed that the real-time report on my matomo instance is not updating since yesterday.
I have a multi-serve environment and checking my replication I noticed and error in the slave server:

Could not execute Update_rows event on table matomo.session; Can’t find record in ‘session’, Error_code: 1032; handler error HA_ERR_KEY_NOT_FOUND; the event’s master log DBMaster-bin.010008, end_log_pos 828701429

Does the session table record session from the visitor of my site?
or is it a table to manage session from matomo system?

In case the session table manage the visitor’s session from my site, could I just delete/truncate this table in master and slave servers and let matomo create new sessions?

thank you

Matomo 4.10.1
Mysql 8.0
PHP: 8.0

Hi @ograssini
It seems this table is not about tracking. But I don’t know what could happen if you truncate it. @innocraft , any clue?

The session table stores the sessions of all logged in users of the Matomo instance, it is not related to tracking.
It should be safe to truncate the table if you feel its necessary, it will simply force any users that are currently logged in or were logged in with “Remember Me” selected to have to log in again.