Real-Time map shows wrong times

Suddenly the real-time map shows all recent visits in black and gray dots instead of yellow, and lists visit times in GMT instead of local time when I hover the visitor dot.
I’m in US midwest, and at 1am if I hover a recent visitor dot on the real-time map, my own visit, it will highlight that visit on the Real-Time widget as well, and the Real-Time widget has the current-correct time, but the Real-Time map shows 6am, five hours later, i.e. GMT.
The clock in the Real-Time map shows correct current local time. It will also say “real time visitors for last 10 minutes” and "there is no data for this report"
Any ideas?
Nothing has changed, no updates, nothing like that. Using FireFox and it updated recently but how could that cause this?

The map shown in the map is the Visitor Local time in his timezone (from his computer). Does it make sense?