Real-time Map not displaying


Whenever I try to add the real-time map widget or view the visitors>real-time map page, the map does not display. Another user was getting an “object not found” error when trying to view the map. I went through the troubleshooting steps located here, but it’s still not working, even after overwriting the system files with a clean download of 1.11. Everything else seems to be working fine, including geolocation. Any ideas as to what’s going wrong?

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Try: delete files in tmp/assets/*

delete browser cache

try again ?

is there any error in server logs ?


I had a similar issue using IIS and it was caused by a 404 error on the SVG files. IIS won’t serve unknown file types and the type for SVG files (image/svg+xml) isn’t included by default.


i try delete /tmp/assets/* not working.

I reinstalling piwik (same databases) not working :frowning:

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post a screenshot ?



Thank you for your help.

My screenshot :

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did you setup geolocation and does it detect the city / lat/long as expected? Geo Locate your visitors - Analytics Platform - Matomo


Yes i use : GeoIP (PECL) or GeoIP (Module server HTTP), the result is same : no display in “real-time map visitor”.

But, in setting > Geolocalisation > Piwik say : D’après ce fournisseur, votre emplacement actuel est:
(46, 2)

Org: Inconnu* (unknow)
ISP: Inconnu

in english : About you’re supplier you’re geolocalisation is in france (46,2)

but not display :frowning:


What browser and version are you using when you see this error?


Google Chrome Version 26.0.1410.64 m


Have you tried another browser? Firefox or Explorer?

What is the memory setting for php.ini?


Yes i tried : Chrome, FireFox, IE.

Piwik run in Fast-CGI. (i use ISPConfig on the server)


what is turn off fast cgi temporarily and use regular cgi to see if it helps


You don’t have permission to access /analytics/index.php on this server.


after turning it back on could it be a folder permission error in piwik?

When you installed was it via shell install or a copy replace via ftp?


when i change php setting to fast CGI, piwik work, but not real time map.

When i installed piwik (Update) i was renamed folder “analytics” => “Piwikold” and i was created a new folder “analytics” and upload by FTP the new files (sorry for my bad english i’m french)


Pas probleme mon francais c est nest pas parfect…

is the url a https by chance?

is it a windows or unix server?

Is the geo ip green check mark in the admin section?


Loool tu parles assez bien français :smiley:

I don’t use SSL for Piwik.

Linux server, with IPSConfig.

Yes all check mark is green


Is there any web server error logs we could review?

what php version are you running?

Can you compare the user rights and permissions of your old install with the new? I wonder if some folder permissions are different…



Log error, i can feed i’m think, what’s log ? apache ?

Php version : PHP Version 5.3.3-7+squeeze14

I always piwik old folder, and when I use the real-time map does not work well.