Real-time map empty

HI, my Real-time map stays empty

I use IP2LOCATION-LITE-DB3.BIN and believe that includes cities? At least cities are shown in my log?

Any ideaß


Do you see any location info in the real time visits log?

If yes, data must be archived before being available in the reports:

uuuuppsss… sory was not informed that there is an answer, sorry!

Well, if I hover over a flag I see country, region, city… IP (anonymized)

Is the real-time map a report?
working on archiving


HI Philippe, I still haven’t made this work… how can I check if the archiving is working properly? My realtime map is still empty :frowning:

EDIT: silly me, I did use the wrong GeoIP DB … you have to use the DB5 … now it works… sorry and thx for the help