Real time doesn't refresh when new user is on line


after upgrade to 2.0, ours widgets “real time” dont refresh when any visitor visit the sites.

Only work when we click and refresh button.

This error are in Real time Map andReal time visitor count.



do you see any JS error? delete piwik/tmp/* files and try again? if still not working, PM me the piwik URL + login/pwd + link to this forum post, cheers

Thanks for the report, this is a bug or a “missing feature” . Created ticket at Real time visitor count does not refresh automatically · Issue #4435 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub

HI Matt,

i cela tmp and i saw no error Js…


Hello… I saw that this ticket has been closed as fixed. I downloaded from the github the updated live.js and getSimpleLastVisitCount.twig but the autorefresh is still not working…


delete tmp/assets/* files

it had nothing to do with the tmp directory… but the thing is that i only took the updated live.js and template and copied over my 2.0.2 installation… i updated to 2.0.3 beta 6 and it is working… so good work!

Hi Glisse, when i download this beta version?


you need to change in Settings --> General Settings --> “When checking for new version of Piwik, always get”…the latest beta version… after that you will be announced on the dashbord that a new beta version is availabe to download


After update, it’s work fine