Real Client IP is Not capturing the piwik


My piwik setup is as follows :

  1. Webseal Server ( Reverse Proxy)

  2. Piwik Server

There is a firewall between “Webseal Server and piwik Server”

All the requests to piwik server are coming via the Webseal Server.

Request flow is as follows :

Browser(client)—> Webseal Server —> Piwik server.

The issue is here " piwik is capturing the webseal ip instead of Client IP"
Webseal is sending the client ip in the HTTP_IV_REMOTE_ADDRESS to the piwik server.

Please adivice how to capture the client ip From (HTTP_IV_REMOTE_ADDRESS ) in piwik instead of webseal ip

please refer the attachment for phpinfo().

Thank You

issue is resolved after changing the code of ip.php as follows

line no : 400 and 402


Thank You