Read from IS?


I have a client that asked to get a replacement for smartstats so his web clients can track all of there info and generate reports for there sites so I loaded up Piwik. I really like this program. It has everything that my client had asked for and much more. The only issue is that is not plausible to add the analytic code to every page. The host has around twenty sites that many have frequently changing pages.

The current application we are trying to replace gets its stats from the IS logs. I was wondering if its possible to set up Piwik to preform this task as well.
Thanks in advance.

Not now… but stay tuned for Log importer in Piwik, in approx 1 month we will have something working

however usually on websites you can include the code in a “Footer” file that is included on all pages autommatically, practical to make a change on all pages at once, to add analytics code…