Re: Setting up a local environment to demo Piwik


Importing logs worked great for the most part. How do I use the script to import multiple log files?

i.e if I’ve got log files u_ex120101.log through to u_ex120704.log can I run the script once and have it import them all?

Also after running the script, the browser version in the Piwi interface k has Unknown for any version of IE. The logs have:
Mozilla/5.0+(compatible;+MSIE+9.0;+Windows+NT+6.1;+WOW64;+Trident/5.0) should that import correctly?

It’s on an intranet and detects Firefox and Chrome correctly.

I’m pretty excited about getting Piwik set up. Thanks again.


Anyone got a answer to this ??

I have tried *.log but this comes back with “File not found” ??



I guess that maybe you are on Windows?
I think windows does not manage by default this…
eg. On ubuntu linux, it works to load several log files.