Re-install: not getting question if I want to keep old database

Due to the 5.3.2 error with 2.0 I couldn’t get back to 1.12 (something with ‘referers’ vs ‘referrers’ and now I have a not working Piwik).

So I deleted my config.php and automatically the installation procedure starts. Hooray! I read in the FAQ that it will ask you if you want to KEEP the database or that the install delete the old one: Installation - Analytics Platform - Matomo

" If you install Piwik specifying an existing database containing Piwik data, the installation process will automatically detect that the Piwik tables already exist. You will be able to choose to either keep your existing data, or delete the tables and start from a clean database."

See attachment. I don’t see this option. Only to define a new prefix (which means I will have new tables NEXT to my old ones?) or delete them. Not to keep them and keep the data.

If you put the same prefix as the existing tables in the DB the nextstep will let you reuse the existing tables