Rally small Websites not in Report?

Hey there…

watch the two Images, and tell me, what went wrong…

[attachment 1385 daily.png] Daily report: 1 visitor yesterday (start of tracking),

[attachment 1386 weekly.png] Weekly report: 0 Visitors.

The Piwik-Cron will be executed each 10 Minutes successfully.

UPDATE: Now, since today also has had an Visitor, the Weekly report is correct for his new small page ^^ Any Ideas why it wasen’t correct before getting the first visitor today?

Could this possibly an bug in the cron?

One one other side, today morning at 6 AM there where 0 visits. Now there are three visits. One at 0 - 1 AM. Why wasn’t that one visible at 6 AM why it’s just now, when there are more than one visits, visible?