Quick Silly Question (which I really need an answer to)

(whvaughn) #1

Hello All,

I am trying to do some planning for some remote testing and need some info about the way Piwik shows up when using it. Does it show up as a tool that is local to your server and you open up and look at locally OR does it show up as an online webpage? The answer to this question will dictate what types of remote testing services would be viable.


(ojay2001) #2

Errr… did you try out the demo? This is exactly what it looks like. If you don’t like it, feel free to change whatever you want.

(Burkhard) #3

What do you mean by “show up”? If you mean “running” …

  1. Piwik runs on a server, like “www.mypiwik.xy”. You use your browser to look at the statistics stored in Piwik on that server (“www.mypiwik.xy”)

  2. How does Piwik make its statistics? You (yes you) put a piece of Javascript into every page of which you want statistics. Maybe your page is “www.mypage.xy”. In that case, every time somebody looks at “www.mypage.xy”, that piece of JS communicates with www.mypiwik.xy. So, that piece of JS (called “tag”) runs on the PCs of the users of your page.

Or did you mean something else? :-))


(whvaughn) #4

Thanks for the help! Burkhard, you ansewred my question in item 1. Even after going through the demo I wasn’t sure if Piwik was something that you accessed directly and locally on your server OR if it was accessed through a browser. Thanks again (and sorry for not clarifying my question).