Quick Developer Question: Locate Scripts Related to New Website Creation


I have often had difficulty locating files related to particular outputs, naming conventions are not spelled out anywhere I could find. Could you explain the different directories, and the files included.

For example:
Piwik standard classes are always prefixed by Piwik_ and can be found in /****
Zend classes are found within /libs

Also it would be super nice to have documentation on the load process as well as a map of some of the standard process script inclusions.

For example.

Process Tree For: Index.php



/core/Loader.php -> Defines the autoload, piwik, zend, and class handling functions -> More information

[Anything called by loader]
and so on…

For my use, I am specifically interested in developing an interlink between “seo panel” and piwik. More specifically , I would like to modify the functions that create/relate users to their websites.


I don’t think this is the ideal answer you are looking for, but a lot of what you are asking for is already here on the site and/or handled by the phpdocs they generate and share. Check framework overview[/url] and [url=http://qa.piwik.org:8080/phpdocs/]piwik phpdocs for starters.

File naming conventions in consideration to the class names are pretty accurate / straight forward. Between the phpdocs and using grep, I’m usually able to find everything I need. The functionality I believe you are looking to modify are plugins, check plugins/UsersManager/API.php and plugins/SiteManager/API.php of your install.

Hope that helps.