Question regarding tracking

There are two tracking methods I am interested in.
The basic javascript way (Which is easy, fast & more than OK for everyday users) and the advanced api-tracking (with php) way which is perfect to track not only users but search engine bots as well, right?

My real question is: can these two ways of tracking coexist together, or it will be a total disaster and the data from these two different tracking methods will get mixed up?

Yes you can use them together, in fact the JS API uses the Tracking API

I checked it and it fact they work together but they produce different sets of data when I populate the api call with fake data. For example in my dashboard the data looked like 2 different users (one visiting from France (api) and the other visiting from Greece (js)). Is this supposed to happen ? Or I am using the api the wrong way?

Since the simple js call has also the noscript tag and inside resides the image tracker (for tracking bots and no-js user) I suppose I don’t need the api tracker.