Question on upgrading from 3.14.1 to 4.x

We’re upgrading a large instance of Matomo from 3.14.x to 4.x. In our test runs, the database takes 20+ hours to complete. We have a redis setup that we’re planning to let queue the tracking requests while the process runs and we’re disabling archiving during the time, but my question is this:

Is it possible/advisable to change the order of the db table updates to let the log tables be updated first, followed by the report archive tables? That would significantly cut down the time we’d have to let requests queue, since as soon as the log tables are done we could turn queue processing and tracking back on while archiving runs are still off to let the archive tables continue to update. The overall update time would remain about the same but at least we wouldn’t be queueing up a massive backlog of requests longer than necessary.

I’d appreciate any thoughts on the approach. Thanks.