Question on "Interactions on Submit" Form Metric

Hi everyone, apologies if this is really basic but I just wanted something clarified.

I have set up multiple forms for my website and I am starting to get data on their performance. One thing that I found that wasn’t very clear was the explanation of the “Interactions on Submit” metric, which has an explanation when you hover over the tool tip of “The number of times a form viewer has interacted with this field and then submitted the form”.

To me this is suggesting that any interaction with any of the fields in the form will be counted. However, most of my forms are made up of radio buttons where I’m only really interested in the choice that a user has made when clicking the submit button. I just wanted to clarify whether or not the metrics in my forms report are showing just any interaction and a user may have accidentally clicked the wrong radio button or changed their mind before submitting. Or if the forms plugin only includes the boxes checked when the submit button was clicked.

Any knowledge would be very much appreciated.

Many thanks