Question about running on website using 2 different CMS/Scripts

What is the best way to setup matomo in this situation:

The root/home page of my site uses a php classified ads script and on a sub folder I have Wordpress setup for the blog/articles portion.

I know I can easily use the plugin for the Wordpress portion, but I want the entire site to be under one dashboard

can’t you just use the same tracking code for both systems? it is just a browser running that tracking code. the browser doesnt care what system provided the code.

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If I install the WP plugin, how does it use the same tracking code that would be in the snippet of code that would be in the other section of my website?

Can I manually use a tracking code through the Wordpress plugin, or do I install WP first and have it generate a code and take that code?

i have no experience with wordpress, sorry. You just need the same tracking code in all parts of your website. if your WP plugin provides you with a tracking code, you can probably copy and paste that to your other website parts. or you use a tracking code provided by your matomo for all parts, including your WP plugin.

i know there are (at least) two different matomo plugins:

One for users who dont already have a matomo:
Matomo Analytics – Ethical Stats. Powerful Insights. – WordPress plugin |

And one for those who already do have a matomo:
Connect Matomo (WP-Matomo, WP-Piwik) – WordPress plugin |

So i guess that the first is locally installing matomo and then provides you a tracking code. And the latter can be configuered to use the tracking code provided by the existing matomo.

That’s guessing, though. As I said, I have no experience at all with WP/matomo.

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