Question about location visitors

Bij bezoekers zie ik er elke dag één die meer doet dan andere bezoekers. Nu denk ik dat ik het misschien zelf ben. Maar de lokatie is Den-Haag en ik woom omgeving Utrecht. Hoe kan dat?

With visitors I see one that does more than other visitors every day. Now I think it might be me. But the location is The Hague and I live in the Utrecht area. How is that possible?

Hoi Marcel,

the reason can be the Internet Service Provider you are using.
You are using their network and where they are entering the internet is the place Matomo sees the visitors location.

You can test it by visiting your website and look in Matomo the traffic of the user in Visitors > Visits Log.
If the action you see are the same as you do on the website, you have identified the user. :slight_smile:


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Het is gelukt. Mijn provider KPN-glas zit in Den-Haag en ik woon bij Amersfoort.
It worked. My KPN glass provider is in The Hague and I live near Amersfoort.