Query without OAuth and automatically add sites?

I am thinking of using Piwik for my company that provides websites to clients. We are trying to add a feature for each client website that depicts that website’s analytic data. Piwik seems like the perfect software to do this, but I need make sure that I have a few things cleared up.

First, we would like all of our current clients to get this feature without any extra steps on their end. For example, Google Analytics would require each user to go through the procedure of OAuth authentication. We would like to avoid this. Does Piwik require OAuth for each query?

Second, we would like a service that automatically (or easily) integrates new sites. Once we apply Piwik to our software and are able to retrieve data for each of our current clients’ websites, will we need to do any additional work to retrieve data for new client websites? If so, can we do so through the API?

Thanks in advance for any help!

Yes you can easily do this with Piwik, as hundreds of other companies have done :slight_smile: see for example: Log Analytics: a Business Use Case - Analytics Platform - Matomo