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Once again, hello!
At this time, would like to ask your advice - to display statistics about the sections of the site.
The essence of the problem:
In the statistics of page views, sections of the page with a popular content exceeds new sections, which have become popular. And in the end statistics for the data partition will be lost.

For example:
We have sections:
News, catalog, users, links
We need to watch (monitor) the statistics of parts.
But if we have a lot of popular news, they will be among the first, and we will not know how many times have clicked on the “Community” and “links”.

What is required:
Ability to view the activity of specific sections:
a) How many times have clicked on this section (the button)
style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/cool.gif How many times have viewed this section and so on

As it can be done by standard methods?
Thanks in advance for the answer!

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It is not possible? Or somewhere there is a Faq on how to do this?

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I’m aware about the delimiters “/” and the like. But they are given for all sites.
As for us - it turned out that different sites, different separators categories.
How can I get out of this problem?

If not clear writing, please say so. I reframe your question.

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Em. Is there anybody in there?

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it is currently not possible to define a page view delimiter per website. You may want to do the processing in Javascript to replace your custom delimiter with the global piwik delimiter.