Python import script display help file only

(Emery Jeffreys) #1

I’ve read the FAQs and users guides. Piwik is set up at I’m trying to import logs from It apparently is reading the current stats from the day I installed it. If I try executing the command from the logs directory, even with the full path to import_logs

No matter which command I use, I either get the imports help file or I get a 0 import summary. If I use any of the command line switches it doesn;t seem to help.

python --idsite=1
0 lines parsed, 0 lines recorded, 0 records/sec (avg), 0 records/sec (current)
File does not exist

Logs import summary

0 requests imported successfully
0 requests were downloads
0 requests ignored:
    0 HTTP errors
    0 HTTP redirects
    0 invalid log lines
    0 requests did not match any known site
    0 requests did not match any --hostname
    0 requests done by bots, search engines...
    0 requests to static resources (css, js, images, ico, ttf...)
    0 requests to file downloads did not match any --download-extensions

Website import summary

0 requests imported to 1 sites
    1 sites already existed
    0 sites were created:

0 distinct hostnames did not match any existing site:

Performance summary

Total time: 0 seconds
Requests imported per

(Matthieu Aubry) #2

Hi there,

See the message:

File does not exist

(Emery Jeffreys) #3


Had I typed the path correctly it would have have worked just the way it was supposed to work. I have to say a kind word about developers that answer tech support questions … the same one over and over.