Puffin Browser always shown in California

Hi guys,

first of all thanks alot for this amazing tool! Installation was really not that bad and so far I like it. Yet, one problem…

After installing Piwik, I checked the tracking from a few devices and was quite confused when I had to find out, that my iPhone apparently was logged in from California in America. After double-checking the IP on a few other sites on the internet, I realized that the Puffin browser I was using went over an American server.

Now my question: I don’t want to exclude California in my IP-list (or Puffin browsers in general for such matter). I was hoping there would be a way to let Piwik “see” the IP as a different one (I know the users using Puffin and can locate them myself).
It should end up being something like I figured that might be the easiest way but I couldn’t find anything along those lines on the internet.

Generally the Puffin browser seems to be “mistaken” for Chrome with these specifications:
Chrome 11.0, Linux, resolution 480*320

Any way to solve that issue?
Thank you for your time

postscript: it seems that opting out doesn’t work when using Puffin either. I can deactivate the “hook” and even after refreshing/changing the page a few times it’s still gone while my new activity is still being listed in my Piwik installation.

optout error: see this bug report, can you post a comment there? Make Piwik opt-out feature work on safari and internet explorer · Issue #3135 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub

puffin detection, what is the user agent not detected?

Added a comment there; though after checking it, I realised my IE does the same and I can’t opt out using the described methods either. I’m not sure if I’m doing everything right though as my knowledge is quite limited in that area.
Funny enough, this method (.htaccess) seemingly works for puffin though. Or rather: I can actually unhook in the iframe, but I’m still being seen in my piwik stats even though when going back to the page I put the iframe on, it’s still unhooked…

Not detecting the user agent in which way? Nope, it does not show the used browser as Puffin, it always comes up as linux, chrome and corresponding resolution of the device visiting my page.

Thanks for your answer