Proxy script - unable to turn of tracking of own visits

We recently installed the Piwik proxy script here;

Since implementing this script, all of our own site visits are tracked. We are unable to selectively turn off tracking for certain visitors.

We log into Settings/User-Settings and confirm the link says
"Your visits are ignored by Piwik on"
but our visits are still tracked!

Also clicking a link for Settings/Privacy/“Piwik opt-out for your visitors” does not stop tracking, all visits are tracked.

Aside from blocking our IP addresses (not easy since we use proxies), how can we turn off our tracking for certain visitors?

Good point, it is expected since the cookie cannot be read by your website (since its a different domain). There is no fix im afraid ?

I have updated the faq

Thanks for the info Matt. I will setup to not track our IP addresses, though this is not an optimum way.

Matt, your help and advice in this forum is much appreciated - Thank you!