Proxy script missing search keywords

We recently installed the Piwik proxy script here;

Since implementing this script, our WordPress sites are no longer tracking the search engine keywords in Piwk. All entries are now showing “Direct Entry”.

How do we correct this? Is it possible to track search keywords with this script?

On further review, it seems that this issue is only on our Hostgator shared-host websites, not websites hosted on our VPS servers.

Any suggestions on what to do to solve this problem? You advice is much appreciated.

The script should track referrers properly… what is the url of the website not tracked (PM with link to this post if not public)

Thanks for PM, the tracking looks normal and the &url parameter is there in the request, so I don’t really understand…

In the visitor Log, do you see any URL appearing?

What about the Acitons > page titles, is it empty too?

Would be able to enable debug as explained in: Tracking API - Analytics Platform - Matomo
And PM me a few other websites that dont work?

If you’re using Hostgator, check your .htaccess. There’s probably a URL rewrite (and redirect) there.