Provider included in Visitors In Real-time

It would be very helpful if “Provider” information was included in the “visitor in Real-time” next to the ip address on the dashboard. I do a lot of business to business marketing and knowing which businesses are viewing our site and what pages they are looking at in real-time would be extremely helpful. While much of the provider information will simply be internet service providers, many of the larger companies I deal with have static ip’s and the “provider” information actually shows by name which customers have looked at the site, but then I have to cross reference it with the real-time information. It seems just including that information on the real-time would be extremely easy.


Great product by-the-way


Forget my last post! I just updated to the latest release and viola when you hover your mouse over the flag of the country of origin on “visitors in real-time”, “Provider” is listed there. I still wish it was displayed next to the ip address, but this will work for me.

Hahahaha doncha just love updates that answer your wishes? >:D<