Provider: AOL

AOL does some weird stuff with their IP and it basically means a user can come to my website and browse around, and each time they hit a new page it is counting it as a new visitor. It is pretty annoying. I am surprised there is no info about this in these forums (that I could find).

Is there a way to fix this, or at least exclude people who have AOL as a provider so that my stats don’t get so distorted on the day someone shows up that is using AOL? I can do from 50 daily visitors to 150 because of someone from AOL.

Piwik is great… keep up the good work! But how can I fix this to exclude people that use AOL?

By the way, who uses AOL anymore?

Can you please update to Piwik 1.7: 301 Moved Permanently

In 1.7 do AOL visitors still create a new visit every page view?

If so please let me know and we will investigate

Use the Javascript tracking … it sets a first party cookie to track the visitor between page requests.

If you’re already using the Javascript tracking, there’s not much that can be done if the user is going through a proxy (and changing IP addresses) and at the same time blocking cookies from being set.